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About Us

When you look into the mirror what do you see? Is it the worlds worst sinner, someone who is generally good a good person, or someone in between? God does not desire to see us like any of these. Gods desire is to see us as He sees His Son Jesus, in reality God does see us as we really are (Heb 4:13) warts and all. The good news is He has given us what we need to overcome all of these things that distort that image of ourselves. By relying on the Holy Spirt for strength, following Jesus as our leader and trusting God is in control we can be do more than overcome all obstacles in our lives that keep us in slavery to anything other than Jesus. Because if we are free in Jesus we are free indeed.

Mission Statement

To help people become liberated from all forms of personal oppression in their lives. This oppression may come in the form of addiction, depression, poor relationship choices, overeating, obsessive/compulsive behavior, poor self image, and anything else that is different than the image God has prepared for us. We can achieve this goal through prayer, information and encouragement via a weekly live radio broadcast, social media, and personal interaction. The Bible tells us that Jesus has set us free and that if Jesus set us free we are free indeed.